Hi, I'm Helen, and I like you already.

I'm a writer and curiosity coach, living the nomadic life. I help smart and motivated life-explorers to leverage their curiosity, discover what exists for them beyond their default future, and achieve their Big Thing. The process of transformation asks us to question everything; I'm honored to be the co-investigator and change agent by your side.


You are a visionary. A high-achieving, high-impact, change-maker. You are action-oriented. Prolific, but perfectionistic. Sometimes asking the wrong questions, sometimes solving the wrong problems—but, make no mistake, you are a thinker. A thought-leader. In hot pursuit of an important dream. In need of a clear vision and a once-and-for-all commitment to your highest self.


I am a visionary. A curiosity enthusiast and a creative writer who believes in game-changing conversation. I am a full-time nomad. As a coach, I dig and plumb, and I will question anything that resembles a fact. I believe everything can benefit from being treated as an experiment. My aim, my objective, my mission, my angle is SERVICE. I want more people discovering and pursuing their secret dreams.


Together, we are a team that looks nothing like any of your other partnerships. We are oriented entirely around you and your Big Thing—why you want it, why it isn't already yours, and how to go about creating it. Together, we unlock the (usually small) distinction that changes absolutely everything. No tiptoeing, no sugar-coating, no holds barred. What you want is closer than you know.