I believe there's nothing stopping us from being, doing, and having whatever we want.


Nothing external, at least. Chances are, we've simply forgotten to bring our innate curiosity to the table (and we've been misusing our imagination to worry instead of create).

I'm a certified life coach who holds a deep belief in curiosity as a tool for transformation. And my clients agree. Read what they have to say about working with me.

Curiosity is magic, because its success depends only on the act of seeking—and an openness to the findings.

Almost everything else in life is tied up in results. Striving. Arriving. Achieving. But, curiosity is more open-ended and easeful, and it allows plenty of room for digging deeper and playing with variables.

In a coaching conversation, a good many things can look wildly different if we use our inner-child eyes and ways of seeing. Questioning with a spirit of innocence and an eagerness for discovery usually reveals possibilities we hadn't considered before.

I'm dedicated to working with people who have an unrelenting commitment to themselves, are willing to get curious about everything (situations, relationships, and facts), and are ready to engage in some deep-digging in order to access their secret dreams (big or small).

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If you're ready for transformation,  let's talk.

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Who you are

You are a person who is highly motivated, has probably already achieved a great deal, and is in hot pursuit of a Big Thing. Perhaps you struggle with beginning or feeling ready; perhaps you doubt your capability; perhaps you're a perfectionist and your exacting standards get in the way of taking first steps or next steps; perhaps you feel like a fraud, so you play small to avoid being found out; perhaps you don't trust that the vision you have for yourself is enough, or even possible.

No matter the specifics of your 'perhaps' story, you're looking for some help in going beyond self-imposed limitations—because, beneath those perceived limitations, you really do believe you're capable of that Big Thing. And you're definitely not okay with the default reality that's waiting for you—the one where you continue living exactly as you're living and you get no closer to achieving what you dream of achieving.

What you can expect

We start with an initial conversation that runs two hours. In this first conversation, I require of you a willingness to talk about who you are, what your life looks like presently, how you want your life to look, what you dream about creating in your time on earth, where you get stuck on self-doubt or snagged by overwhelm, and in what ways you believe I can help.

I take a direct approach when coaching, which means ours probably won't be the kind of comfortable conversation you have with a friend. To be clear, I'm not here to be your friend; I'm here to challenge you and your belief systems about yourself.

I don't tiptoe around what's at stake (after all, this is your one shot at life) and I expect you won't either. Transformation is not for the faint of heart; it's a commitment that's equal parts difficult and rewarding, and the only way I can serve you in your transformation is if we both bring our full selves to the conversation, each and every time. For you, that means not letting fear get in the way of taking action.

This initial conversation is a filter for me; I only work with people who inspire me in some way—with what they hope to shift, with their vision for themselves—and whose potential is undeniable.

How the coaching agreement works

If I feel I can be of service to you, we will set up a coaching package that meets your needs and makes sense for your life. I work with clients for a minimum of six sessions, because I've found that lasting change is possible and probable only when there's a significant commitment of time and energy behind it.

Private coaching partnerships vary by arrangement, but (usually) run for a minimum of four months and (usually) begin at an investment of $3000 USD. However, all my coaching programs are tailored to you and your needs, so the first step is always setting up a conversation to see what possibilities we can create together.